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Where Are the Cabins on this web site Located? The cabins are located in The Rutherford, Polk, McDowell, Henderson and Buncombe county areas of Western North Carolina. Communites like Rumbling Bald Resort, River Bend, Hearthstone Ridge, Grandview Peaks, South Mountain Peaks, Yellowtop Mountain Estates, The Summit all just minutes from the South Mountains State Park and about 45 minutes east of Asheville. 45 minutes to Hendersonville,  minutes to Chimney Rock, Black Mountain, and not far from Boone, Blowing Rock, Linville Falls, Grandfather Mountain. Morganton is about 30 minutes away. Hickory is 45 minutes and Forest City, Rutherfordton and Marion are all about a 25 minute drive away. For detailed driving directions call ahead (before you come) set an appointment with me and I will send them to you by mail, fax or email.

What is the Weather Like?
Average annual temperature, 59.9 F; average rainfall, 49.91 inches. Rainfall is concentrated in Spring and Fall. Average humidity, approximately 65%. Located in the Isothermal Belt, there are 200 frost-free days in the growing season. Average snowfall, 2.74 inches.

Learn about our Isothermal Belt Click here

average rain fall… 49.91″
average snow fall… 2.74″
average temp… 59°
average summer humidity… 65%
average winter humidity… 50%
average high – august… 85°
average low – august… 68°
average high January… 47°

Who Builds the Log Cabins? The Log Cabins are Custom Built by Local Custom Log Home Builders. Click the following link for a free list of builder/contractor phone numbers. Contacts and services phone list Please tell them Ken Williams sent you!

If I purchase a lot or home site and I want one of the cabins built for me how much are they? The builders we use are custom builders and can build anything you like so it all depends on you and your needs. The one and two level log cabin shells are costing from $60,000 to $90,000 but the cost of materials and labor change all the time so you need to contact the builder and get quotes for what you really want. Click the following link for a free list of builder/contractor phone numbers. Contacts and services phone list Please tell them Ken Williams sent you!

How far is it to the nearest grocery store or hardware store? Many near by country stores/convenience Grocery stores are just minutes away. For all your major grocery, Hardware, tool rental, Beer, wine, gas, and landscaping supplies, Forest City and Rutherfordton are close by. There you will find Supper Wall-Mart and Lowe’s Home Improvement a Mall and many other unique shops and specialty stores.

How far away is a hospital? 6 hospitals are near by, Rutherford hospital and a VA Clinic are the closest. The Marion hospital is about 30 minute drive north.

Is There a public marina on the Lake James & Lake Lure? Yes, Several boat ramps and marinas.

If I buy just a lot or acreage home site do I have to build? No, the property can be held as an investment and sold later for a profit. Some people plan to build when they retire or they give the property to their kids or future generations.

Are recreational vehicles or camping allowed? Yes. In fact some people leave their travel trailer or Motor home here for the summer or while they work on their cabin and then drive their car that gets good gas mileage back and forth. * See covenants for specified details *

What are the real estate taxes? The taxes are from $0.63 to $0.89 per $100 of assessed value. Example: You buy a property for $89,900 then ($89,900 x 0.69 ÷ 100) = $620.31 per year.

Are the roads paved? Yes, most all of the roads are or will be paved-black top two lane roads. Some cabins and homes are on gravel UN paved roads, call Ken before you come for details.

What about utilities? Electric & Telephone? (Rutherford Electric Membership Corp, Duke Power & AT&T or Verizon) are provided in most locations. Some homes have cable TV

Water: Wells, 200 to 800 feet deep (average is 400 to 600 feet) costing $9.00 to $10.00 per foot to drill. *buyers responsibly* Call Camp Well Drilling Toll Free 800-472-8736 / 828-429-3688 Cell or Pittman Well Drilling Toll Free 866-453-0662 / 828-453-0663 Local The well drilling company’s guarantee the wells.

Sewer: Septic system in most areas. * On lots or UN-improved land – buyers responsibly* Costing around $3,500. Generally most people get their well and septic system installed for around $8,000 to $12,000 combined.

Gas: Propane tanks for gas cooking heating or heating oil is also permitted. Most people use Central Heat and Air (electric heat pumps).

TV: Satellite: Direct TV or Dish Network – Some areas have Cable TV

Internet access: High speed DSL in most locations or (coming soon) or Satellite internet service

Can I rent my cabin out? Yes. This is a great rental area, many people love to come here and rent for a week at a time (rental rates range from $700 to $2,500 a week) There are good local property management companies to handle renting your cabin for you if you like.

Can I have a shed or workshop or barn? Yes, Most areas allow any kind of outbuildings like barns or workshops. * See covenants for specified details *

Are animals allowed? Yes Most area allow Residential Pets. Some areas allow commercial livestock farms like chicken farms or pig farms. Be sure and check for restrictive covenants or city/town restrictions before you buy.

What are the Preservation / Protective Covenants, Can I read them on-line? Yes, for many communities click here or use the following link, copy and paste it into your web browser.

What are the Property Owner Association Fee? The property owners association fees range in $  some are $360 per Year in Hearthstone Ridge, $350 per year in South Mountain Peaks, $350 per year in Grandview Peaks. They pay to maintain the common areas, paved roads and gates. (POA/HOA fees may change and will need to be verified) Verify before you buy.

How much earnest money do I need to put down? General 1% of the contract price but this is up to you. A personal check is OK.

Do you have financing? Yes, Local banks/lenders located in the area that we have worked closely with are listed below. I strongly recommend that you call them and get pre-approved for their loan programs before you start your property search!

In today’s lending environment it’s critical to apply for and get pre-approved for a loan before shopping around for property. Many sellers will not even consider an offer you submit unless it has your loan pre-approval letter with it. Also the sellers will be more likely to immediately accept your offer, even if that offer is for less than list price.

There are more advantages to gaining pre-approval than you would initially surmise. When the lender hands a borrower a pre-approval letter, it means the borrower can: Save Time by Looking at the Right Homes in the right price range, Spend More Time Examining the Right Homes knowing what the loan costs – down payment & monthly payments are, Gain Confidence & Avoid Disillusionment & Disappointment, Increase Bargaining & Negotiating Power, Enjoy a Faster smother Closing Period.

Lender Contacts:

Linda Marsh at Fifth Third Bank Phone (828)755-3095
located at 112 North Main Street, Rutherfordton NC 28139
Email Linda at:


Carolina Farm Credit at (Office 828-286-9183) located at 319 Oak Street., Spindale, NC 28160
Down Load and fill in the Credit App Click here
(for Carolina Farm Credit)

For more questions call Ken Williams at (828) 429-4004