Build Green in the North Carolina Mountains

Green Building in the North Carolina Mountains

It is our responsibly to take care of our environment! There are lots of ways to do that and by exposing your self to new idea and keeping your mind open, it turns out to be very easy.

I found a new show on TV called Renovation Nation on the Plant Green channel (Dish Network) Its part of the Discovery Channel family of networks and shows.

This is a great place to learn about building or re-modeling green!

The nation faces a huge challenge: to go green for the benefit of the planet and future generations. But we also love our homes and want to improve them. Join host Steve Thomas as he explores green building and renovation techniques, new technologies, and visits the factories where many of these new options are being produced. Renovation Nation shows us how to maintain and improve our homes in a way that is gentle on the planet; a way we can feel good about. Find out more in this online clip introducing the show.

Pass this information on you everyone you know and incurage them to live green.

Other resources for green information and products are DepotEco.Com check them out and tell them Ken Williams at CarolinaLand.Com sent you.

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